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Salvador Dali art advisor: the right professional for your needs

Le opere grafiche del surrealismo di Salvador DalìNovecento is considered among the best art advisors for Salvador Dalì's works because it helps customers to obtain the greatest benefit in the purchase and sale of works of art, guaranteeing the quality and fairness of the price. Novecento not only puts at your disposal the skills acquired in the sale, but also provides fundamental support by orienting you in the purchase and / or investment in works of art by Salvador Dali. Having a capable and professional consultant at your side allows you to create a collection in total relaxation and safety. Novecento holds a vast private collection and relationships with the largest institutions, museums and galleries in the world. Novecento is certainly the most suitable professional who can help you.

Novecento specialized exclusively in the works of the surrealist artist
Salvador Dalì".

We have specialized exclusively in the works of the Catalan master for many years. We put transparency first and with extreme professionalism we respond to all requests, guaranteeing a strict regime on privacy and data protection.

For more information contact us and "fill out the form" providing us with everything we need to be able to answer you in an exhaustive way.