The term "serigraphy" derives from the Latin "seri" (silk) and from the Greek "grapho" (to write), it is an artistic printing technique of images and graphics on any support or surface through the use of a fabric (printing fabric ), causing ink to be deposited on a substrate through the free areas of the fabric. The design made on a laminated sheet is placed first and placed on this square-like square base, then the color is passed on the canvas, various passages are made and the design / color is automatically transported to the sheet that is placed below. The technique is similar to that of the stencil.

serigrafia di Salvador Dalì

Novecento specialized exclusively in the works of the surrealist artist Salvador Dalì".


We have specialized exclusively in the works of the Catalan master for many years. We put transparency first and with extreme professionalism we respond to all requests, guaranteeing a strict regime on privacy and data protection.

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