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Daliland, the film with Ben Kingsley and Ezra Miller, directed by Mary Harron. The film is dedicated to Salvador Dali, one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century, a surrealist genius, an eccentric and visionary painter. Ben Kingsley and Ezra Miller both play the famous artist, as an old man and as a young man in a surprising performance. The film introduces us to the world of Salvador Dali, on a journey into the everyday life of the eccentric genius, but above all of the man who hides behind the artist. It shows not only the glittering parties, the many beautiful women with whom Dali surrounded himself or the relationship with his beloved Gala, but also the pressure of the art system, the difficulty in maintaining the authority of his name and the consequent tensions with his muse and companion.

 The Plot

New York, 1973, Salvador Dali (Ben Kingsley) lives at the Ritz with his wife Gala and is preparing his next exhibition. James is the young assistant chosen by Dali who works at the art gallery that will host the next exhibition of the surrealist genius. James embarks on a crazy behind-the-scenes adventure to help the elderly genius, so he has the opportunity to closely observe the descending parable of one of the greatest artists of all time. The man behind the artist, whom James gets to know, is all but destroyed. Behind the flamboyant lifestyle, glamor and sumptuous parties, a great void consumes the now elderly painter, devoured by the fear of growing old and by the pain of the threadbare relationship with his despotic wife Gala, once his muse and now surrounded by young lovers and obsessed with money. The film collects a set of drives of death, disease and unresolved knots. Mary Harron and her screenwriters through the character of James, succeed brilliantly in the difficult task of telling the story of this man. Salvador Dali has totally lost touch with the true self, misled by the public dimension, sentimentally torn by Gala's betrayals and obsessed with death, he is forced to paint only to finance his lifestyle. Dali's speeches full of anguish for death, lead him to a lifestyle that consumes him, both economically and emotionally, while Parkinson's always reduces his artistic abilities. In some flashbacks Miller portrays a younger version of the surrealist painter, played by Ezra Miller.

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